Head of Department

BF1A1913prof. UAM dr hab. Waldemar Ratajczak


prof. UAM dr hab. Eliza Kalbarczyk

dr Michał Dzięcielski

dr Tomasz Kossowski

dr Adam Radzimski

mgr inż. arch. Matylda Rakowicz

mgr Adrian Cierniak

mgr inż. Piotr Hektus

mgr Ewa Woźniak

mgr Sara Zielińska

Research topics in the Department of Spatial Econometrics

  • fractal analysis of complex spatial dynamic systems
  • creation of spatial databases, including spatial data mining techniques for spatial units at a variety of scales
  • generation of spatial samples
  • analysis of shapes of areal and linear objects, also with the help of tools of fractal geometry
  • geostatistics and spatial interpolation
  • geovisualisation and geovisual analysis – spatial and spatial-temporal distributions
  • monitoring of spatial changes
  • spatial classification and regionalisation
  • analysis of spatial relationships: identification of spatial weights, spatial autocorrelation, spatial regression, geographically weighted regression
  • analysis of spatial policies.