Head of Department

prof. UAM dr hab. Anna Kołodziejczak


prof. zw. dr hab. Benicjusz Głębocki
dr Ewa Kacprzak
dr Urszula Kaczmarek
dr Barbara Maćkiewicz
dr Małgorzata Polna
dr inż. Magdalena Szczepańska
mgr Robert Hoffmann
mgr Hanka Jefimowicz
mgr inż. Dawid Bała
mgr inż. Bartosz Wojtyra

Research topics in the Department of Food Management and Rural Areas

  • spatial structure of agriculture at the national, regional and local levels (differences, changes)
  • agrarian structure of farming at the regional and local levels (differences, changes)
  • spatial organisation of the market for farm products
  • multifunctionality of agriculture and multifunctionality of farms in spatial terms
  • changes in agriculture in areas of urban agglomerations
  • EU’s Common Agricultural Policy and its effect on the development of agriculture and rural areas in Poland and on spatial changes
  • functional and spatial structure and spatial development of rural areas
  • social problems in the development of rural areas
  • multifunctional development of rural areas
  • planning the development of rural areas
  • problems with the renewal of rural areas
  • operation of Local Action Groups
  • turnover in landed property and its effect on the spatial development of selected areas
  • designing green areas
  • forest management in Poland
  • assessing the development of rural areas and drawing up strategies of their development at the local and voivodeship levels.