Head of Departments

prof UAM dr hab. Roman Matykowski


dr Emilia Bogacka
dr Katarzyna Kulczyńska
dr Henryk Maćkowiak
dr Cezary Mądry
dr Anna Tobolska
dr Justyna Weltrowska
mgr Rafał Lemański
mgr Elżbieta Piotrowska

Research topics in the Department of Spatial Management

  • strategies of international corporations and enterprises with foreign capital, their locational effects at the local and regional scales in Polish industry, and globalisation effects
  • differences in the structure of Poland’s foreign trade in a regional approach and the export competitiveness of regions
  • socio-economic changes and their spatial context in the split towns of the Polish-German and Polish-Czech border areas in the conditions of European integration
  • integrative and disintegrative aspects of socio-economic processes in the post-Soviet area
  • factors controlling electoral behaviour patterns, with a focus on Poland at various territorial levels
  • socio-political determinants fixing and destabilising the European political and territorial system
  • level and conditions of life, poverty and its aspects in urban areas in the conditions of international integration and globalisation
  • delinquency in Poland and its regional and local rates
  • socio-spatial aspects of the impact of sport at the regional and local scales
  • changes in socio-economic and political structures in the regional territorial system.