Head of Department

BF1A1336prof. UAM dr hab. Lidia Mierzejewska


prof. zw. dr hab. Jerzy Parysek

dr Magdalena Wdowicka

dr inż. Bogusz Modrzewski

dr Ewa Lechowska

dr inż. arch. Kamila Sikorska-Podyma

mgr Ryszard Grobelny

mgr Joanna Gawron

mgr Krzysztof Rosenkiewicz

Research topics in the Department of Physical Planning

 The research problems taken up in the Department of Physical Planning cover a very broad range. The basic interest focuses on broadly understood spatial management and physical planning at various levels of the territorial division, with special attention paid to the local and regional ones. Physical planning is investigated in theoretical, methodological and application terms; also examined are issues in spatial analysis, especially changes in spatial development. Special attention is paid to planning matters involving spatial order, sustainable development, urban structures, urban design, and integrated planning. Scholars in the Department also study socio-economic development analysed particularly with reference to towns, including big cities and metropolises, justified by the role this type of units play in the settlement system and the function of economic development engines they perform in the age of globalisation. Much attention is devoted to urbanisation processes and spatial changes taking place in agglomerations and suburban zones, the pattern of which is largely determined by the planning system in force and specific planning solutions adopted. Moreover, the problems in the development of EU regions at the time of a world crisis are studied as well as the competitiveness of Polish towns and regions, and the role of transnational corporations in the processes of urban development, metropolitanisation and regional development.